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Windows file dialog utility


CFDButton v1.0.0.2 Makes the common windows Open/Save dialog easier to use.
downloadDownload full setup ( installer )[~900k]
downloadDownload full setup with local runtime ( installer )[~1.3Mb]
portableDownload portable archive ( no installer, includes local runtime ) [~1.1Mb]
VCPPMicrosoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86): runtime : if needed
CFDButton_portable_setup.exe  MD5: dd8d4affb051d837372dd11fc0f2bdb8
CFDButton_setup.exe           MD5: 23b9fefa6e8b068750e9f693b53bd641
CFDButton_w_runtime_setup.exe MD5: 6fe59de02e2feb5c6de8bd69be316bf1

NOTE: If you have any problems launching the appication, chances are you don't have the latest Visual C++ runtime installed on your system. This application was developed in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 and the current runtime needs to be installed to run CFDButton. Use the link above to download and install the runtime.

What is it?

Have you ever had to work with Windows™ notepad, for whatever reason, and found yourself frustrated that it only has filters for Text Documents (*.txt) and All Files:

And you need to look at *.log files or *.cpp files or some other extentsion, and wished you could filter the file list.

CFDButton is a tiny app that installs a button on the windows common file dialog to provide time saving functionality. It adds three functions:

  1. It allows you to filter by any file type ( extension ) you want. A good example of this is opening up notepad and trying to use it to read an HTML file. Your choices are either *.txt files or *.* all files. CFDButton allows you to create a list of your own file types, so you could choose *.html files and only HTML files would show up in the open window.
  2. It will allow you to set favorite directories, you can access through a dropdown menu, and will immediately bring you to that directory.
  3. It also monitors the directories where you have been and keeps them in a rotating list so you can easily move around between directories when you are working on a project.

The action menu that appears when you click on the CFDButton in the file dialog also allows you to capture information dynamically. You can use the Add: Favorite menu item to add the currently shown directory to the favorites list. You can also save the currently selected file filter, shown in the "Files of type:" combo box, by selecting Add: Filter, this can come in handy for collecting file filters instead of typing them in by hand. Of course you can use the Show: Settings menu item to bring up the settings dialog at any time.

For more information, look at the screencaps below.

CFDButton is very easy to install and use, and all of it settings are stored locally in xml files, so it works well on portable devices like USB thumb drives. The only setting that is stored in the registry is the "start with windows" setting. If you do not set it, the application is completely portable.

Be aware that is application only works with the Windows™ common file dialog. Applications like Microsoft Office that roll their own file dialogs are not supported. Support for third party dialogs might be added in the future on a per case basis.


At this time I have only tested CFDButton with XP SP2, send an email to me if you have any compatibility information you would like to share.. I have heard from a user that it works with XP Pro x64..


common file dialog button
CFDButton's action menu can be accessed from any application that uses the windows common file dialog..

Define your own specs
Use the Specs tab to define your own file filters.

Use the Favs tab to define your favorite locations.

Use the General tab to change program settings.

Thank You
Use the Donate tab if you wish to donate to the project. Just click the big donate button..


Ver 11-15-2007
  • Added "Show: All" menu option for (*.*)
  • Added Favorites sort option
  • Added Filter sort option
Ver 11-14-2007
  • Added "Add: Favorite" menu option
  • Added "Add: Filter" menu option
  • Added "Show: Settings" menu option
  • Moved "Filters" to popup menu
  • Fixed non-unique problem with favorite list
  • Optimized some parsing code
Ver 11-11-2007
  • Initial feature complete release

Libs Used / Thanks

Bjarke Viksoe Tons of great WTL classes.
Lee Thomason The TinyXML parser.
Boost Boost C++ Library
IntelliSoft BugTrap
Tango Desktop Project Icons
The Code Project Numerous source code examples
   Donation Coder.com Great community of developers and users..
Special thanks Craig D. for original concept


4.5 stars : "a nice little free program that works well and is very pleasant to use. There are a handful or reasons why this program might be preferable to others like it out there, including its simplicity, ( and ) its portability..."
5 out of 5: "Does what it says, simply, without fuss!!..."